Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Start a Virtual Business Instead of a Traditional Small Business?

A question I get all the time is “Why Should I Bother Starting a Virtual Business Instead of the Traditional Small Business?

The answer is because it’s the new economy.  We are connecting everything to everything.  If you don’t take your company virtual, and continue the old way of doing business, you will pretty much be putting yourself out of business.

The reason virtual businesses are here to stay is because the internet has impacted the way we do business forever: 

  1. You can do business globally almost instantaneously.  Nothing, absolutely nothing has leveled the playing field as the internet has. 
  2. With a click of a mouse, you can now be competing with the largest corporations on the planet and thrive. If your business is not virtual; you have just taken yourself out of the competition.
  3. You can narrow; service and dominate a niche market at a pace, professionalism and profits unheard of before the raise of the internet.

This means you can be the next Amazon, or Google.  After all, both companies were started by a couple of guys working out of their garage, or in Google’s case, out of their basement.

The benefits of starting, managing and growing a virtual business are endless:

  • You can work from home. 
  • You can have time to spend time with your kids. 
  • Or do what you enjoy most. 
  • You can hire people from any place around the globe. 
  • You can look and act like a big business. 
  • You can thrive in the global markets. 
  • Your overhead expenses will be low
  • By keeping your expenses low, you can maximize your business profits. 
  • You can literally start a virtual business with little to no money.

As you can see, with a virtual business, all you need is a computer and internet access to get you going.

You can see an example of a real sustainable, successful virtual business at groupbenefitagency.com

Anyone can start a virtual business in minutes!  You don’t need major start up capital.  You don’t need investors.  You don’t need to risk months or years trying to break even.  You don’t even have to gamble your savings.  

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