Monday, May 10, 2010

Best New Economy Low Cost, High Profit Virtual Business to Start

The biggest question I get all the time is “What kind of virtual business should I start in this new economy?”

The answer is go green.

The reason I prefer a green virtual business is because:

  1. You can set up an entire virtual business (also known as eBusiness) at little to no cost. 
  2. According to, Green Power is one of the 10 hottest trends to watch for.
  3. Government contracts now have a proposed five percent "Green Contracting Goal", giving you an unfair advantage to position your business to win government contracts fast.

By setting up a sophisticated virtual business at little to no cost, you’ll get a real sustainable business.  You can start selling your green products or services right away for thousands of dollars and without the expensive overhead or huge high-risk initial investment capital typical of small business start-ups.

The secret then to starting a "Low Cost, High Profit Green Business" for this new to start a virtual business.  You don’t need start up capital.  You don’t need to spend months, if not years chasing bank loans, business angels, government agencies, grants or other funding options.

In this new economy, not only is it hard to access funding, but most sources will want you to have a proven business before they give you any money.   Or, as you may well know by now, your friendly banker will want all your personal assets as collateral.  Not to mention, the weeks if not months wasted chasing funds you may never get.

Therefore, here are the seven steps you need to take, to start your own green virtual business on a shoe-string:

  1. Pinpoint a profitable niche market
  2. Split test potential products and services in your niche market, before creating them.
  3. Set up your virtual back-office processes.  Use mainly FREE open source applications.  This makes the cost to entry very low.
  4. Market online.  Use social media, blogs, forums, articles, and other free marketing channels.
  5. Sell globally.  By launching a virtual business, overnight you will have access to clients all over the world.
  6. Install virtual communication channels.  Set up virtual phones, faxes, chats, etc.  Most of them for free or at very little cost.
  7. Be up and running in days, or even hours and manage your new virtual business remotely.

As you can see, with a virtual business, all you need is a computer and internet access to get you going.

You can see an example of a real sustainable, successful green virtual business (100% virtual and paperless) at

Now, if you’d like to start your own virtual business, whether for a green product or not; I have put together a multimedia training, showing you exactly how to implement and manage a virtual business. 

To make it easier for you, I took away all that geek speak and show you step-by-step on how to use and implement these technologies without getting into all of those super crazy esoteric instructions.  I pretty much took away the pain of all those things you don’ t need to know and I just narrowed down to the things that are going to get you the quickest results the fastest so you can start making more money in less time. 

Just visit

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